React and TypeScript web application development.

🧑‍💻 More than 7 years of experience

Specialising in React web application development, I create dynamic and interactive solutions utilising various tools and frameworks including Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Remix, GraphQL with Apollo, Cypress, Jest and Vitest.

🚀 Featured projects

Climate Salad

Product and Platform developer leading the design and build of a new member and data platform.

Design • React • Remix • TypeScript • AWS • SES • Stripe • Airtable

A Township Tale

Design and development for companion web and desktop products to go with the VR game A Township Tale.

React • Remix • TypeScript • Electron • Vercel • Xsolla • SES


Platform developer for all web and desktop front-ends that support the A Township Tale VR game.

React • Remix • TypeScript • Electron • Vercel • Xsolla • Strapi • GitHub Actions • Cypress • Vitest • SES


Lead Front-end Engineer on new Black Opal platform. Built with React and Firebase.

React • Node.JS • Firebase • Jest