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Climate Salad
  • Website development
  • Website design
  • Product management
  • Remix
  • Architect
  • TypeScript
  • Effect
  • React
  • Cypress
  • AWS
  • Airtable
  • Vercel
  • Stripe
  • Terraform

Supporting Climate Tech

Joining Climate Salad as Head of Product and Engineering, my first task was to take a database of member and company information in Airtable and create a members and data platform for Australian Climate Tech companies.

In the beginning I developed branding guidelines and a style system using the logo as inspiration. This was created in Figma and then implemented in the application with Tailwind and Storybook.

The features of the members platform include an onboarding flow for new members to sign up and pay via stripe, a searchable members directory, a searchable companies directory, an events and past webinars section and a jobs board.

The members platform is built using Typescript with Remix and Architect to deploy on AWS Lambda backed by Dynamo DB. The platform utilises web hooks from Airtable and Stripe to update member data via SQS and send transactional emails using SES.

The members and data search capabilities are backed by Meilisearch which has been self hosted on EC2.

While Architect does a lot of the heavy lifting in configuring AWS, Terraform is used to configure and manage Cloud Watch alerts.

How it works

b. Project architecture diagram

Project gallery

Screenshot of branding guidelines
c. Brand guidelines
Screenshot members directory
d. Members directory
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f. Job posting

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