Third-party integration and development

🧑‍💻 Integrating with external services

Many web applications require integration with third-party services to provide additional functionality or data. I have experience Integrating with a wide range of services including payment gateways (Stripe), CMSs (Contentful), email (SES, SendGrid, Mandrill), Analytics (Google, Mixpanel) and more.

🚀 Featured projects

Climate Salad

Product and Platform developer leading the design and build of a new member and data platform.

Design • React • Remix • TypeScript • AWS • SES • Stripe • Airtable

Small Victories

Co-Founder and CTO of a SaaS platform that allowed users to create websites from Dropbox folders.

Ruby on Rails • Postgres • AWS • Heroku • Dropbox • Stripe • Mandrill


Co-Founder and CTO of a SaaS application and accompanying mobile applications that made it easy for teams to share reading lists.

Ruby on Rails • Rspec • Ember • Postgres • Swift • Python • Mandrill


Co-Founder and CTO of a SaaS application that allowed users to send emails directly into Slack channels.

Ruby on Rails • Slack • Postgres • Stripe • Heroku • Rspec • Mandrill


Platform and iOS development for a digital and audio book subscription service.

Ruby on Rails • Postgres • Switft (iOS) • Python • Stripe

Rough Trade

New feature development for a record store ecommerce application

Ruby on Rails • Rspec • Postgres • Stripe