During my 3 years as Platform Developer for Calibre I worked across the entire product stack, from the marketing site (built with Next.JS), the web application (Ruby on Rails with React) to the Calibre Test Agent (written in Node.JS).

Calibre is an automated performance monitoring system which runs Lighthouse and other performance analysis on websites and web applications from 18 different regions. The Calibre web application is built in Ruby on Rails with a GraphQL API and a React front-end. The Calibre Agent runs Lighthouse is a Node.JS application and is deployed to AWS and managed with Terraform. There is also a GitHub action and CLI, also built in Node.JS.

In addition to development I also provided support for customers via Intercom, providing technical solutions to their problems or deploying bug fixes for unexpected issues and regressions.

Some highlights during my three years at Calibre are:

  • Marketing Site: Built and launched a new marketing website using Next.JS, hosted on Vercel
  • Web App: Migrated existing Rails views to React, added new components using Styled Components, Storybook and react testing library; backed by a GraphQL API
  • React Live Chat Loader: Built an open source React library in Typescript which improves the performance of loading third party chat widgets (now a recommended library by Google Lighthouse)
  • Pull Request Reviews: Developed a GitHub integration which would respond to Deployment Events and create a comparison report between the primary site and the Pull Request, highlighting changes in performance metrics.
  • Test Agent: Migrated a Node.JS app to Typescript and continued to maintain and add new features. It is deployed to 18 AWS regions with Terraform
  • Calibre Emails: Created custom HTML emails and scheduled them to be sent for Weekly and Monthly insights reports, Snapshot failures and Performance Budget alerts
  • Account Management: Implemented new billing and account management in React which integrates with Stripe and the new Payment Elements library
  • OAuth: Implemented an OAuth provider to integrate with Third Party Services such as Zapier and an OAuth consumer to integrate with GitHub and Netlify
  • Activity Stream: Modelled and implemented an Activity Stream system to record and view events performed by users on different objects within the application