Michael Dijkstra is a product-minded software developer with more than 10 years experience working across the entire product stack.

Since 2019
Platform Developer at Calibre.

Building tools to help customers build better, faster websites and applications. On a mission to educate and empower anyone to build a fast, accessible web.

Since 2013
Co-Founder and CTO of Frontrow Ventures

Front Row Ventures is a finance and technology incubator, focused on solving existing problems through disciplined market validation and the adaptation of business models. Post concept validation Front Row partners with industry players who bring a strategic distribution advantage for scale.


Wise is a shared reading list for teams built in Ruby on Rails making use of Turbolinks for fast page loads and transitions. The app authenticates and integrates with Slack. Unit and integration tests are written in Rspec.

Small Victories

Small Victories turns a Dropbox folder into a website. The application is built in Ruby on Rails and authenticates and integrates with Dropbox. Unit and integration tests are written in Rspec.

Since 2014
Freelance Web and Mobile Developer

Working directly with designers such as Jacob and Jake from XXIX and Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski from Ikko Ikko, I developed websites and applications for clients all over the world including Dropbox, BuzzFeed, AIG Eye on Design, Rough Trade.

I built websites, web applications and iOS applications in technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, ReactJS, EmberJS, CSS/Sass, Ruby, Python, Swift and Go.

Lead Front-end Engineer at Q-CTRL

As Head of Product and Lead Front-end Engineer at Q-CTRL I was involved in the conception and build of BLACK OPAL for Alpha, Beta and public release. I started at Q-CTRL in a joint Product and Lead Front-end Engineer role before any application had been built. It was my responsibility to take the ideas from the CEO and bring them together into an application called BLACK OPAL. By the time I left I was managing two other developers and helping direct the overall development of the platform with Lead Back-end Engineer Kevin Nguyen.

BLACK OPAL is a React application which allows users to analyse the performance of single and multi-qubit gates, download quantum controls, download and run experiments to analyse noise sources disrupting their quantum hardware and generate optimised controls.

The Front-end application was bootstrapped with Create React App, packages were managed with yarn, made use of Redux for state management, React Router for routing, Reselect to compute derived data allowing Redux to store the minimal possible state, React Redux Form to create forms, react-intl for internationalisation, Enzyme and Jest for unit and integration tests, Styled Components for css-in-js components, grid-styled for a flex box grid system and styled-system to provide design system utilities for styled-components. Code was formatted with Prettier and Storybook was used for UI development.

The product leveraged the Google stack for a server-less architecture, using Firebase for hosting, data and authentication and event-driven processing with Cloud Functions. We integrated with Stripe for Payments and Segment for analytics.

The Front-end application would listen for updates in the Firebase realtime database and use this data to populate the state via Redux. When a user would make a change it would be updated in the realtime database where Cloud Functions would then make the appropriate API calls.

Head of Product at PwC Australia

As Head of Product I was in charge of Product Management and Web Development for PwC Australia’s Digital Ventures.

During my time at PwC I oversaw a team of 6 and developed digital products for charity, transport, mining and internal teams.

of Storyberg

Helping people build a more successful startup by following the Lean Startup process. Storyberg is a a Lean Kanban Management Tool that helps you collaborate better with your team and win investors with your story.

Storyberg was accepted into the 2013 Startmate program.

Lean Product Manager at Pollenizer

Pollenizer was Australia&rquo;s first and largest startup incubator. During my time at Pollenizer I worked as founding product manager on a number of new ventures including:

  • Wooboard, an employee recognition platform
  • Pygg, a peer-to-peer payment platform.
  • Unrenovated, a site exclusively for unrenovated properties in Sydney’s Inner West.
  • Ryuu, an app putting you back in control, so you can reach your full potential and be more productive, every day.
  • GetListed, a social recruitment website that works on personal recommendations

I also led the inaugural Lean Product Manager course through Pollenizer Academy and spoke at the Sydney Lean Startup Machine weekend.



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